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Venha curtir as delícias da Fazenda no conforto de um Hotel .Faça já sua reserva !!! Ligue (32) 3361 7777.
Rules For Your Dog
My small dog at Pedra do Sino Farm Hotel

Its not usual to accept dogs, but the if the rules are strictly complied, we can talk.

Your little "buddy" on our hotel:

There are only be accepted small dogs and we need to know the breed;
The dog must aways walk on leashes at all locations of farm and hotel;
The owner should be responsible for the cleanliness of the room and common areas;
Your dog may not keep barking all the time - if someone complains, we will have to interfere so no one is troubled;
Dogs can not circulate in the social area (pool, restaurant, rooms etc.);
The dog can not come up on the beds at all;

That will be charged a cleaning fee of the apartment (R$ 50,00)

The animal should have an updated and valid Vaccination certificate.

If you have any questions, we will be pleased to serve you.
Hotel Fazenda Pedra do Sino
BR 040, KM 657 - Carandaí - MG - Tel: (32) 3361-7777 - Caixa Postal 6 - CEP 36280-000
Trans. Aéreo: S 20o52’59,9” / W 43o48’50.4”
Trans. Terrestre: S 20'52.950' / W 043º48.827
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