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Pedra do Sino's concern with environmental preservation

From the 300 acres, the hotel has over 70 hectares of Atlantic forest reserves, which harbor several species of animals and plants. The diversity of living beings in the Atlantic forest is very high and this is across the devastated country. This fact aroused the interest of students and professionals who want to conduct research and studies at Pedra do Sino. The hotel management supports these initiatives and systematically invests in environmental preservation.

Due to the growing worldwide interest of the "birders" - in groups, or individual tours, the hotel considered a major survey of the birds to enhance the preservation of its natural heritage.

In April 2003, the In April 2003, the ornithologist Warley Delgado conducted a survey of birds present on the fauna of the hotel. In just one day of observation, he cataloged 114 species, significant numbers for the period surveyed. It is estimated that are more than 200 species in the area. It was recorded the presence of the "king Woodpecker", an endangered specie in Minas Gerais.

Delgado, in the concluding remarks of his study, reported: "Pedra do Sino certainly can take advantage of the wild flora and fauna as an attraction for eco-tourism and even science, the last one dedicated to the study not only of endangered species, but of all other".

The hotel made ​​an agreements with the Laboratory of Plant Systematics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais for the floristic survey of the forests located in Fazenda Pedra do Sino. This work was initiated in early 2005 by the student of Biological Sciences, UFMG, Nara Furtado de O. Mota, and was the theme for her monograph. Her supervisor is Prof. Dr. João Renato Stehmann and a group of botanists from the lab above. Only the first field trip were collected about 130 specimens, most of then from from the guava family - not yet known. This research is being finalized and has found significant results, contributing to the knowledge of the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest biome, supporting the preservation of it. See summary of the work presented in the National Congress of Botany 2006.

Pedra do Sino tries to preserve its flora and fauna and use the reserve with awareness and education. To do this, sought a partnership with the Forestry Military Police wich has given good results. The animals rescued by illegal arrests, which have suffered abuse or are accidentally injured, have been taken to the hotel for treatment and reintroduction to the enviroment. It is the responsibility of the hotel to treat those animals and release them, when restored. Free, the birds are still treated daily with food and fruits.

Through this partnership, we created an awareness among the owners, employees, local community and guests. The private reserve of Atlantic Forest is used in a responsible manner with an environmental education program, including nature trails for hiking, flagged (self-guided) and interpretive (click here to see tips for hikes).

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