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Environmental Education Project
Pedra do Sino Farm Hotel's mission is to work in environmental conservation and educating people by showing the importance of nature for our future.
A group of biologists has been providing advice to educational level schools kindergarten, elementary and middle, doing activities in the area of Environmental Education in partnership with the Hotel.
Assuring that the way to the preservation of the environment is mainly related to education (knowledge that leads to understanding and respect for nature, life itself), there is the need to establish closer contact with nature, facilitating the stages of awareness and conservation.
Therefore, man, responsable for almost all enviroment changes, should bother to learn about the natural resources and their limitations, so that thereafter establish a rational way to reconcile economic growth and development.
Our approach is to raise awareness through a series of field work to develop outdoor activities through workshops, hikes, among others, highlighting always the man's role in preserving the natural environment.
The work consistes in provide the School all the necessary infrastructure to carry out an extracurricular activity.
At least 30 and a maximum of 90 students are transported by a partner bus company .
In Pedra do Sino, students are organized into groups of up to 20 components.
Each group has a monitor responsible for the conduct of activities and security team.
For each field activity, there is a predetermined script of workshops that should be explored. However, the partnership with schools and teachers makes the work customized, to the extent that the focus of the visit and activities can be modified according to the needs of the educator. This will indicate the aspects that should be highlighted for better fixation of the content worked in the classroom. This approach allows the adequacy of programs for various grades.
Unless the school is concerned, there are no scripts, questionnaires or any material parallel evaluation of the student. Monitors are instructed to develop activities encouraging the participation of the whole group, and ensuring freedom of each to explore the sites of visitation, motivated by the natural charm that they provide.
It is in contact with nature that we seek to force that infects and transforms us into advocates by choice, not out of obligation or fad.
Work at the Pedra do Sino Farm Hotel emerged this reflection. Several activities were developed using existing on-site. The student will be able to walk in our Atlantic forest reserve, examining the soil, fauna and flora, to relate the interdependence between rural and urban, milking cows, attend workshops: planting, recycling and selective collection of garbage among others.
Moreover, students find a complete infrastructure for recreation with soccer, volleyball and tennis courts, swimming polls, table tennis, snooker, paddleboat and rowboat.
Understand basic concepts of ecology and environment;
Characterize ecosystems, differentiating natural and artificial environments;
Study water resources, addressing: water cycle, importance, pollution etc.
Emphasize the study of botany, covering: types of root, stem, leaf flowers and fruits; Classes of plants;
Addressing aspects of Zoology, featuring wildlife in the area;
Discuss and understand the importance of garbage collection and recycling;
Underscore the importance and interdependence of rural and urban centers;
Bird watching (ornithological survey of over 100 species);
Perceive the man as an agent of transformation;
Addressing the importance of the Atlantic Forest vegetation.
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